We will provide business support that meets the needs of your company. Altesse Co., Ltd. can assist your company in realizing its full business potential.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Detailed research is indispensable in accomplishing an expansion that satisfies both parties in a corporate merger. Altesse Co., Ltd. will not only conduct local market research, but also perform detailed surveys that clarify the purpose of the expansion, as well as conduct research on the investment ratio, location conditions and working conditions.

Market Research
Altesse Co., Ltd. will conduct the necessary market research for the sales promotion of products and the development of new products. We will provide support for market research and feasibility studies on sales possibilities.

Altesse Co., Ltd. will provide overall support for investments in Japan or the U.S. Timely information is what is essential for your business. We can offer the most current information for everything from financial analysis to research on regional economies and market movements. We feature consulting services for investing.

Acting for Lawsuits
Altesse Co., Ltd. will provide support for activities related to litigation in the U.S., such as the selection of and negotiations with a representative or lawyer in trial prosecution.

Intellectual Property Rights
Altesse Co., Ltd. provides support related to intellectual property rights. We provide support not only for the acquisition of patent rights and intellectual property rights for intellectual property that could potentially bring a profit, such as literature, music, art, designs and inventions, but also for license negotiations and disposal.

Sales Support
Altesse Co., Ltd. will provide sales support that is the key to sound business development in everything from sales promotions to the creation of product value that will be recognized by the customer, to the cultivation of a potential customer market.

Business Fraud Surveys
Altesse Co., Ltd. will monitor fraud within your corporation, as well as perform surveys and loss assessments.