Business Research
This is including market research and feasibility studies. Detailed research is indispensable in accomplishing an expansion that satisfies both parties in a corporate merger. Altesse Co., Ltd. will not only conduct local market research, but also perform detailed surveys that clarify the purpose of the expansion, as well as conduct research on the investment ratio, location conditions and working conditions.

Altesse Co., Ltd. will conduct the necessary market research for the sales promotion of products and the development of new products. We will provide support for market research and feasibility studies on sales possibilities.

Altesse Co., Ltd. will provide sales support that is the key to sound business development in everything from sales promotions to the creation of product value that will be recognized by the customer, to the cultivation of a potential customer market.

Nikkei Business Publication
Nikkei Business Publication (NBP) is the largest publisher of magazine in Japan. They are particularly well known for their business-related periodicals. Amongst its business publications, NBPs most popular and widely circulated magazine is Venture Business. Altesse Co., Ltd. contributed a monthly column in Venture Business introducing and describing US businesses. In addition, we helped coordinate their always-well-attended business seminars.

Sara Lee
Altesse Co., Ltd. supported the expansion of the Wonderbra®, a Sara Lee product, to the Japanese market by market research, contracted of sales, advised on exporting products and organized promotional shows and press conferences throughout Japan.

Business Tours and Business Meetings
Altesse Co., Ltd. will set up customized meetings and tours/interpretation of information.

Institute of Intellectual Property
Altesse Co., Ltd. Arranged meetings with the Ministry of Construction in New York State and advised how to control the bids, which are new technologies developed by the Ministry of Construction in Japan.

The Ministry of Construction
Altesse Co., Ltd. arranges for meetings with the Ministry of Construction in New York State and advises how to control the bids, which are new technologies developed by the Ministry of Construction in Japan.

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Altesse Co., Ltd. coordinated meetings with Fortune 500 companies with related to e-commerce business in the US to research current trends in the US.

Business Support
Altesse Co., Ltd. advised clients of appropriate applications for permission necessary in establishing a company and starting business as well as acquisition guidance/negotiation of contracts for business dealings/consulting support for acquisition of intellectual property rights and license negotiations/presentations of proposals by proxy.

Altesse Co., Ltd. will provide overall support for investments in Japan or the U.S. Timely information is what is essential for your business. We offer the most current information for everything from financial analysis to research on regional economies and market movements. We feature consulting services for investing. Altesse Co., Ltd. also provides support related to intellectual property rights. We provide support not only for the acquisition of patent rights and intellectual property rights for intellectual property that could potentially bring a profit, such as literature, music, art, designs and inventions, but also for license negotiations and disposal.

Spanish Government
Altesse Co., Ltd was the official consultant to the government of Spain for the development of products of the Baleares Islands. Proceeds for this program were funded by the government of Spain, the European Union and the Baleares State Government. The main focus on the program was to promote the import of the Baleares-made products, the recognition of Baleares brand names, the image of Baleares/Spain amongst the Japanese people, and the interaction between the Japanese and Spanish businesses and the general population.

Japan Management Consultants Association
This association exists to introduce new business opportunities to its members, as well as to educate them in the latest and most innovative business-development tactics and strategies. The association boasts a membership of 120,000 individuals, all presidents of chairpersons of small and medium-sized ($5-$150 million) companies (this is a prerequisite for membership). Altesse’s responsibilities to the association include, but are not limited to, lecturing at association meetings on the subject of international business opportunities/strategies. Altesse Co., Ltd. arranges and conducts conferences for the association. Twice annually, Altesse Co., Ltd. researches and arranges for tours in the US to introduce association members to new and promising US venture-capital businesses. These tours feature presentations and lectures by many prominent and successful US entrepreneurs. Altesse Co., Ltd. also assists in supporting any negotiation entailed in the set-up of those resulting new businesses.

Bayer is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Germany. Altesse Co., Lted. joined their project for their new developing products. Altesse Co., Ltd. Produced the own product using Byayers new technological fabrics. The brand name is "Keiko Ono for Stay Young."

Benihana Corporation
Altesse Co., Ltd. provided business management advise, from investment to branc expansion across the globe.

Litigation and Investigation Representation
Altesse Co., Ltd. provides support for activities related to litigation in the U.S., such as the selection of, instruction to and negotiations with a representative (including, real estate agencies, management agencies or Certified Public Accountant, etc.) or lawyer in legal proceedings.

Altesse Co., Ltd. will monitor fraud within your corporation, as well as perform surveys and loss assessments.