Keiko Ono Aoki was born in Tokyo , and currently lives in New York City. She moved to New York in 1985 after studying at the University of Hawaii and established a trading company G22 World Wide Group, Inc in 1986. In 1989, she established Altesse Co., Ltd. and continue to maintain an office in Olympic Tower on Fifth Avenue, basing her activities in Manhattan. While engaging in a consulting business for high quality articles, such as handbags, jewelry and furs, she also started a planning company for the creation of videos and pamphlets. Since 1991, she has used her network to launch a worldwide business dealing not only with fashion, but with wide-ranging fields, and established a full-scale consulting business that handles the support of American corporations entering the Japanese market. In 2000, she moved her office into the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

She completed a business program at Harvard Business School, Owner Management Program (OPM) in 2005.

This company has engaged in business consulting on a global scale. For example, we participated in a project for the expansion of a major American hotel group into the Japanese market. Utilizing our worldwide network of connections, we have established a reputation for positive results as a unique consulting business.

We undertook the consulting for Sara Lee’s expansion into the Japanese market in 1993, leading the way for an expansion boom into that market. In 1995, we participated in a project for the development of new products for the German pharmaceutical company, Bayer. Starting in 1996, we worked as consultants for four years for the Balearic government in Spain. Since 2000, we have actively undertaken the support of new enterprises through such activities as writing an article series for Nikkei Venture Magazine and consulting not only for Japanese corporations, but for American and European corporations as well. Since 2001, we have begun to give advice on intellectual property rights, along with consulting for the Software Information Center, the Ministry of Construction, and the Patent Office. We also continue to participate in speeches at chambers of commerce and industry, as well as giving advice on overseas litigation.