Altesse Co., Ltd. is a nationally and internationally respected special consulting firm with a broad range of business and industry expertise. Energetic and forward - thinking, Altesse Co., Ltd. is by no means a traditional consultant agency. Instead, we customize our unique resources to the specific needs of each client, composing multi-disciplinary teams that conceive innovative and effective results.

Our strong capabilities in core consulting disciplines – including business research; business tours and business meetings; business support; and litigation representation – support and advise the work we do in a variety of specialized areas. In both core and specialized areas, utilizing our worldwide network connections, we have established a reputation for positive results as unique, simplicity and ensured success for its clients.

We will continue to build an outstanding record of success based on our commitment to engaged advice and support, client involvement, ethical integrity, and the highest achievement.

Altesse Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. Ms. Keiko Ono who is Founder and President of Altesse Co., Ltd. has engaged in business on a global scale, especially Japan, USA, China, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.